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SunJam 2019 - Doctor Doctor

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Here is the trailer of the game our team made for the 2019 SunJam:

You can find out more and download the game here:

Here is a quick view of the models and VFX that I did:

My contributions:

For our game I was responsible for all the all the models, textures and VFX.

Models and textures:

For our game scene, I made models for the Dungeon and Shop environments. I started with simple lowpolys and did quick rough sculpts in Zbrush. The reason I decided to do highpoly sculpts was because I liked the stylized look I can achieve through map bakes, I also feel like it was a faster way to texture them in substance painter using generators instead of hand painting them.

Shop asset creation process:

My process for creating the shop asset's was to model the lowpoly's in Maya, sculpt the highpoly's in Zbrush, bake the maps in Marmoset and texture them in Substance painter.

Shop Lowpoly:

Shop sculpts:

Shop textures:

Dungeon asset creation process:

For the dungeon, I decided I wanted to learn and utilize trim sheets.

My creation process started with modelling the lowpoly's in Maya, sculpting tillable highpoly's in ZBrush, baking the highpoly's out as height maps in ZBrush and then texturing the tillable height maps in Substance Designer, ultimately creating tillable textures that fit with the style of the other 3D assets.

Dungeon Lowpoly:

Hight map Sculpt:

Substance Designer Textures:

What the textures look like applied in engine without any effects:

Normal maps, Lighting and VFX added in:

As a takeaway from trying this process for the first time I should have definitely tried to combine some of these tillable textures into trim sheets for the sake of optimizations but due to the time constraints that just didn't happen.


After I added in all the models and textures into unity it was just a matter of placing them into the into the right spots and adding in post and VFX.

For this VFX section all I did was setup the lighting, create some shaders and some particle systems.

Torch Fire:

Torch fire shader graph:

This was something I quickly made heavily referencing this GDC talk:

I could of refined the fire more by spending more time on the noise texture creation but you know, time and stuff.

Dungeon Water:

Dungeon Water shader graph:

Cauldron Bubbles and Swirls:

Bubble Shader: I wanted to control the bubble popping with a shader gradient but it proved to be too time consuming to implement, so I just made a sprite sheet in Photoshop of a cube moving down to control the alpha instead.

Cauldron liquid swirl:

I heavily referenced this tutorial on portal for the above shader effect:

Cauldron Fire:

The particle system was set up pretty similarly to the tutorial I followed, linked below. The only change I did was I made the particles move along the side of the cauldron, represented below as the green circles. the orange cauldron is a mesh I made to go over the normal cauldron to help the particles slide along the surface, If I didn't have it the particles would get caught on some of original cauldrons protrusions and that would look weird.

I heavily referenced this fire tutorial:


And that pretty much sums up the stuff I did during the game jam, it was super fun and I got to hang out with some awesome people while making a game.

If you want to checkout the game here is a link:

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