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Isle be Lost (Game Jam)

Hi there, in this post I will be showing off a game me and a friend made for the 2021 Global Game Jam.

The game is named Isle be Lost in connection to the theme which was "Lost and Found". The basic premise of the game is to find you magic tome which is at the end of the level with the games core mechanics spun up into a rouge like experience.

My role in this game jam was to make all the art, which I did from scratch, mostly utilizing procedural modelling and texturing, while my friend did all the programming.

Unfortunately I don't have the file for this game Jam anymore so I cant show wip shots but you can download and play it on the page (Warning: its buggy to hell haha).

Here are some more screenshots:

If you hanged around for this then thanks for checking it out, have a good day!

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