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Global Game Jam 2019 - A long way home.

This year I attended the global game jam in Brisbane. The global game Jam is a annual event held around the world where physical sites are formed all over the world and people attend those sites to makes games in 24 hours.

I formed a team with two close uni mates and we made a game where your an alien trying to find your way home.

To get the alien home all you have to do is find radar towers that are spread across the galaxy. When the you hover over one, an arrow appears pointing towards the aliens home. You then need to move towards that direction while avoiding asteroids and keeping the alien's UFO fueled. If you hit an asteroid or run out of fuel you explode, thus losing. Scrap is the only currency and its used to purchase upgrades for the alien's UFO, it's obtained by destroying asteroids with your laser and harvesting scrap planets. You win if you land at the aliens home.

I was responsible for all the shaders and VFX.

Windows only build:

Download link:

Just run the gamejam2019.exe

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