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Some Visual effects from Runes of Time using Unity and SubstanceDesigner

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Heyo~ Here I'll share some of the VFX I made for runes of time and show the components I used to make them. While I'm still learning about making VFX this process used a little bit of everything and a lot of different techniques. The main software packages I use for to making visual effects is Maya, Houdini, Substance Designer and Unity. In Unity I use Amplify Shader Editor and Unity's own built in Shader Graph.

Legendary and Common Crystal

The legendary and Common crystal is made up of multiple effects, most of which are from the Unity's particle system. The particle systems are pretty simple, most of the effect's visuals come from the shader.

Below you can find the simple particle shader I used for the entirety of the of the crystals VFX. You will also find the Substance designer graphs I made for the textures.

Explosion Effect

This effect was done using Unity's visual effects graph as a test, its a few layers of effects and has a decal projected at the bottom. All the meshs were made in Maya.

The goal for this effects give it different effects at runtime, so like it could be a water explosion or a void bomb, We didn't end up getting around to it as it appears it's cleaner and easier to have separate game objects for separate effects.

The entire effects apart from the decal is was done using this shader: ClickyMe

Unity's Visual Effects Graph for the explosian

Below is the mesh's and textures I made for this effect.


These wisps follow the player around and grow in size, when they hit their peak size an ability will proc causing an active to happen and then they will shrink back to small. These wisps are pretty simple and are just a combination of multiple particle systems layered over each other.

The entire effects was made with one shader that you can read more about here: ClickyMe

These were the texture I made for this effect in substance designer.

Fire wave

This fire effect was an experiment for creating a wave, it's made by wiping a gradient through a Particle System's CustomUV's from top to bottom giving the appearance of a flame shooting out. My main inspiration was Annie W ability from League of legends. This effect is currently incomplete and I plan to give it a proper pass at some point.

Below you can find the textures I made in substance designer and and visual effects graph I used to create it.

These are just some classic cells textures straight out of substance designer that was used for the flame effect.

This pretty much wraps up what I wanted to cover, I had a lot of fun making these and am super keen to continue learning.

Thanks you for reading!

If you r have any questions or comments leave em below!

Ps, you can find more related images on our Twitter.

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