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Broken Ridge

Broken Ridge is a AAA title that I've had the immense pleasure to work on.

On Broken ridge I had key responsibilities for a large portion of the Tech Art:

- Advanced landscape shaders with blending support with RVTs.

- Processing a variety of photogrammetry scan data into to landscape materials

- Creating SpeedTree models from photogrammetry scan data

- Creating and implementing a wind shader system in Unreal Engine that works with all foliage and trees.

- Taking SpeedTree assets and reprocessing them in Houdini to be batch processed with new information for wind effects.

- Taking artist foliage assets and batch processing Houdini for vertex colors and pivot information for wind in UE4

- I was a key person for profiling and consultation for Unreal Engine technologies.

- Write documentation for an optimized content creation pipeline that utilized Substance designer, Houdini, SpeedTree and Unreal Engine.

Ill be updating this post more when content gets released from NDA.

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