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Runes of Time Items

Hi there! here I'll show of some of the items the player can pick up in RunesofTime!

For each item the process was a little different but generally the same, I would make a quick highpoly of the model, bake it down to the low poly, texture it in painter and then pass it into Houdini to generate the outline mesh and then import the model into Unity where I have the shader where I control control the outline width and color using the vertex colors I baked into the lowpoly mesh.

For the thumbnails of the items I would import the item into Blender and render out a 2D image and then pass the images through substance designer for the outlines. Realistically I would of preferred to have had an outline shader but it was just quicker for me to throw a graph together to in designer.

For designer I created a graph that would just make an outline for me then I could export it:

This is what the graph does to create the outlines:

Thanks for reading my post! You can check all the art I do for Runes Of Time on Twitter.

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