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Viking Warlord - First pass

As part of an art test for a job application, I completed a brief that required a low-polyish viking that was mobile ready and easily rigged/animated.

Overall I am satisfied with my result for a one week deadline, but past that I actually believe there are multiple aspects that I can improve, primarily relating to the overall appeal. The colors are earthy and dark, the horns are too large, the shield is too grungy and the cape is quite plain. Some feedback I got from friends and pros was that the beard is noisy and that the model is just overall too dark.

As part of my second pass I plan to do the following:

  • Better match the vikings proportions with the concept, such as the horns, shoulders and feet.

  • Retouch the colors, finding a better pallet to make the overall model more visually appealing. Such areas of interest are the weapons and lower portions of the model.

  • Redo the beard, making it more round and adding in more defined detail rather than relying on noise.

  • Skin and rig the the viking to pose him into an action stance.

  • Create a base plate for the character to stand on.

You can also find my model on sketchfab.

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