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Endless Miner


Endless miner is a simple yet fun casual experience where the player explores the deep dark depths of the planet in search of rare materials to keep his bunker operational. A lot of inspiration came from the original game Motherload as it was a childhood experience for me and the programmer.

I was responsible for everything that was not code related.

Monsters of Mayhem


Monsters of Mayhem is a fantasy turn based strategy game with a twist. The main objective of the game is to strategically move your monsters around the battlefield, to claim more territory, and ultimately win the game by having more claim to the island than your opponent. The game takes a lot of inspiration from board games, and as such is designed as a pass and play experience on mobile devices. Monsters of Mayhem aesthetically uses a lot of bright and vibrant colors, to create the world of the Celestial Isles which is where the story driven game-play takes place.

I was responsible for one character, all the tiles, part of the UI, all the VFX and most of the environment art and models.

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