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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

14th February.

For this asset I really wanted to learn more about substance Designer. Such as layering and normal map making. what easier way than making some bushes.

Unity Screenshot

Below are the three types of Bushes I made, From left to right, the first was a layered design, It turned out alright, I just need to pay more attention to the plane clipping at the top.

The second model was made using clusters of leaves instead of single planes and had the lowest poly count. The Third's leaves were just randomly scattered along a mesh with the leaves pointing outwards, It also had the highest poly count.

Substance Designer:

Utilizing substance designer gave me the ability to create layered leaf patterns that I could non destructively edit and make variations. such as the number of leafs as well as their color and shape.


Using Maya's MASH networks I could easily create the bush, The only criticism I have is that on the top of the first bush there is too much overlap, It would have been better to do some manual placement of the overlapping parts.

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